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Wednesday, June 12, 2024



Wall Street is not the only villain

By Jarrett Dieterle Richmond College '10 A second attempt at a "bailout" plan finally made its way through Congress last week and was signed into law by President Bush.


European Wanderlust

LONDON -- I was amazed the other day while talking to one of my flatmates, Greg, a native Londoner.


Not "all women" are offended, just feminists

By Becky Kauffman Westhampton '09 In the words of Joe Biden, I don't even know where to start. The fact that almost every country in the world, including America, is a patriarchy is not "subjective." There isn't a single documented matriarchy in history and there are only a handful of argued egalitarian societies ... and the U.S.


Try looking for Ms. Right

By Vickey Allen Westhampton College '09 A few Sundays ago I sat in the chapel, wearing my graduation gown, surrounded by my fellow Westhampton seniors and the first-years and transfers, listening to speakers for Proclamation night.


Religion in England

It is interesting to me that the University of Richmond's Study Abroad Office discourages students from choosing traditional places -- such as England, Spain, France and Italy -- to study abroad.


Palin over Riveter is an Insult to All Women

By Becky Kauffman Westhampton College '10 Maybe Sarah Palin is aware of her gender, but Lex Reynolds (in her article "I'd Choose Sarah Palin Over Rosie the Riveter) is clearly unaware of the facts. I believe Vickey Allen's claim that Sarah Palin "seems unaware of her gender" implies the idea that any woman fully aware of her gender -- and aware of the patriarchy that we live in (look it up before you disagree) -- would lead that woman to be a strong advocate for women's rights (i.e.