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Monday, January 17, 2022


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Women's tennis beats East Carolina University 4-3

Strong performances by the women's tennis freshmen helped the Spiders beat the East Carolina Pirates 4-3 on a chilly Thursday afternoon at the University of Richmond. Richmond started off the day with two doubles victories and held off the Pirates throughout the rest of play.


Unity fuels the play of tennis teams

The Richmond men's and women's tennis players head into the next part of their seasons, and team dynamics are at a high point. Mark Wesselink, who has been the women's coach for 20 years, said that so far, the team's strength had been the closeness between the players. "They're getting along very well and it shows on and off the court," Wesselink said. Ben Johnson, who started coaching the men this year, said unity was also a strength. "They do a great job of supporting each other," he said. The women's season began with a tough start, as it usually does, Wesselink said.

Wood n racket farm

Students relax at alumnus' off-campus racket club

Students, faculty and alumni have discovered a place to play games and sports besides the Weinstein Recreation and Wellness Center or the Intramural fields - a place that even has a lake twice the size of Westhampton Lake. Wood N' Racket Farm is a racket club in Gum Spring, Va., about a 30-minute drive from campus.