The Collegian
Monday, September 25, 2023

Ashley Crenshaw

Acting chaplain optimistic about changes

The University of Richmond's Office of the Chaplaincy started the new semester with new staff members and a myriad of ideas to bring students back to the chaplaincy. All of the changes are taking place in the wake of the departure of former Chaplain Daphne Burt, who resigned on Dec.

Bonner program relocates to Center for Civic Engagement

With the start of the new semester came a new home for the Bonner Scholars Program. After its students launched a letter-writing campaign last semester, the program moved from the Office of the Chaplaincy to the Center for Civic Engagement. Junior Sarah Potter, one of the students appointed to speak on the Bonners' behalf, said that although a potential move had been discussed, it had been placed on a backburner and it was the students' actions after former program director Grace Holcomb's firing that moved the issue to the forefront. "I would say that it was a direct result of what we did," Potter said.

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