The Collegian
Saturday, February 04, 2023

Chris Yates

Media hype over staph infection exaggerated, experts say

Washing your hands and getting a flu shot could save your life. These are two of the best ways to protect yourself from contracting potentially fatal methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), said Dr. Lynne Deane, medical director for the Student Health Center at the University of Richmond. MRSA is a virulent, drug-resistant strain of staph infection that is believed to have caused the death of a Bedford County, Va., high school student on Oct.

Police practice crowd control around the apartments

Because the University Forest Apartments are the main source of parties on campus at the University of Richmond before the fraternity lodges open, a heightened police presence can be seen patrolling the apartments during the first several weeks of the fall semester. University of Richmond Police Chief Bob Dillard said he assigns officers to appropriately patrol the apartments. "We don't want the apartments to turn into a fraternity row," he said. Although Patrick Benner, associate dean for residence life for Richmond College, recognized that this heightened police presence is nothing new, he said seeing police around the apartments helps reiterate to students that there are policies they must abide by for the entire school year. Underage drinking and drinking in public are the most common offenses committed by those at the apartments, according to Dillard. "There are a number of people unfamiliar with the laws around here and the university," he said. The resident assistants play an important role in helping to control the crowds found at the apartments Dillard said.

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