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Friday, June 21, 2024

Gigi Dejoy

How to enjoy the Snowpocalypse

With Thursday classes canceled and a projected up to 6 inches of snow, there are more than enough reasons for UR students to celebrate.

Richmond Confessions Admin Spills ALL!

Anyone who follows Richmond Confessions on Facebook knows that scrolling through those sad, funny and sometimes blatantly weird posts is the perfect way to procrastinate an evening away.

Four Things That Off-Campus Does Better

Who went to the Richmond Street Art Festival? Wasn't that so cool? On the days that the Street Art Festival was going on, I couldn't look at social media without seeing a flood of pictures of UR students standing in front of those murals, smiling proudly at discovering this fun, alternative part of the city.

Ten Things to Get Hyped about for Fall at Richmond

Sometimes it can be a little bit of a downer to return to school after a long, hot four months of working at that same summer job you've had since high school, traveling, name-dropping your fancy summer internship, spending time catching up with old friends and family, or whatever other activity you were engaged in that didn't involve homework or cafeteria food (sorry D-Hall, you're really tasty and DARN do you know how to make a panini, but you're still a cafeteria). Sure, it's exciting to see everyone's new haircut and set up your room.

How to stay civil through exams, and not hate everyone by beach week

Academic stress doesn't bring out the best in any of us. Some retreat to the library for 24+ hours, subsisting off 8:15 bagels and red eyes (double shot, iced, with skim). Some plan ahead, only to spend the morning leading up to the exam or deadline freaking out that they didn't study hard enough, or forgot an essential detail. Some people get passive-aggressive; some just get mean.

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