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Friday, May 24, 2024

Jacki Raithel

Guide to campus etiquette

Since the beginning of time, people have been eating: apples, pears, TV dinners and frozen pizzas. We probably all started eating the same food - straight off a tree.

Voice of reason: a guide to campus laundry room etiquette

Ever set your clean clothes in a glob of glue-like detergent that's been lying in wait on top of the washing machine? Ever cruised into the laundry room one minute after a cycle finished and stood in the doorway while awkwardly debating with yourself whether to claim your clothes as someone else impatiently removes them for you, or come back later once they've left? Ever been a little sketched out about the self-propagating piles of clothes that live in laundry room corners? Here are some tips for cleaning the hostile laundry-room air while we clean our clothes. No.

A voice of reason: guide to campus etiquette

Picture this: You're waiting in line at the Pier the person behind you is undoubtedly too close, and the girl in front is probably holding up the line while she texts her four BFFs about all her homework.

Kocher chosen as Richmond's next chaplain; third overall

The University of Richmond's two-year search for a chaplain ended this summer when the Rev. Craig Kocher was named the university's third official chaplain. Kocher (pronounced COKE-er), formerly the assistant dean and director of religious life at Duke University, was selected by university officials in late July after he and another finalist in the selection process spent time meeting with faculty, staff, students and community members. The search, which began during the spring of 2007, was narrowed to two finalists in late June ? Kocher and the Rev.

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