The Collegian
Monday, February 26, 2024

Jarrett Dieterle

Someone tap the keg. I'll pump.

It's that time of year ? time to offer up some more green solutions for the University of Richmond's campus! From the school that brought you such startlingly popular and successful programs as Trayless Fridays and the Green Bike Program comes a new solution to help save the environment.

Reality rears its ugly head

The raging health care debate and infatuation with the struggling economy has given the Obama administration the opportunity to cleverly ensconce some of its other policy initiatives. For example, issues concerning green energy sources took a front-row seat during the 2008 election but were moved to a simmering backburner status when the price of oil mercifully subsided during the past year. But anyone who thinks the green movement has jumped the shark will, sooner rather than later, realize his or her belief was misplaced.

Conservative ideas for health care

At one particularly notable point during President Obama's much-ballyhooed speech on health care last Wednesday, he said, "If you come to me with a serious set of proposals, I will be there to listen." At this point, a few Republican congressional members were quick to hold up in the air the plans they had been pushing for quite some time now with little serious acknowledgment from the Obama administration. As anyone who has read this column in the past can attest, my faith in the current Washington GOP is at a near abysmal level.

The next college pandemic?

I was supposed to be writing about Health Care this week. After my rebuttal in the last issue of The Collegian, I was hoping to lay the blueprint for a conservative, free-market solution that avoided a public option.

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