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Friday, December 02, 2022

Katie Branca

Electronic door locks replace keys in Lora Robins Court

New electronic dorm-room locks were installed in Lora Robins Court during the summer, allowing residents to open their rooms with only their Spidercard and a pin code. Starting in September, each resident was able to program her room's device to recognize her Spidercard and a pin that she assigned to it.

Admissions office skips Westhampton side of campus on tour

At the start of last semester, the Office of Admissions informed tour guides that they would begin taking prospective students and families on a different route through campus to make tours shorter and more efficient, said senior tour guide Austin Carter. The new route begins at the admissions office, travels through the academic buildings on the Richmond side of campus, crosses the Tyler Hanes Commons, covers the Forum and essentially ends at the Heilman Dining Center, Carter said, where tours cross the lower commons and wind their way through the dorms back to admissions. Prospective students now do not see the Modlin Center for the Arts, the Westhampton Deanery, North Court, the Greek Theatre or the Weinstein Center for Recreation and Wellness. Carter said when she had first heard the news in a tour guide meeting, she had been upset, asking immediately how they were going to cover the arts on campus. "Ultimately, I think it's probably a better tour because it's more concise and easier for guests and prospectives," Carter said.

Sorority cottages open Saturday after decades of anticipation

The new sorority and student activities cottages opened their doors to students and alumni on Saturday afternoon after three years of planning and decades of anticipation. Especially for students in sororities, the cottages have become the realization of a long-time dream to give each chapter a space on campus it can call its own. "They haven't had a place to just be women and be sisters," said Alison Bartel Keller, director of student activities. Since 1989, when the sororities were first chartered on campus, Keller's role was keeping the dream of an activities center alive, so that when the opportunity came to create one, Keller said, they would be ready. With the appointments of Edward Ayers as president and Steve Bisese as vice president for student development three years ago, the opportunity arrived, Keller said.

Modlin transformed into haunted house for Halloween

By 7 p.m. on Tuesday, members of the University Players had transformed Cousins Studio Theatre in the Modlin Center for the Arts into an abandoned insane asylum. For $3 on Tuesday and Wednesday night, students could wind their way through handmade corridors and find their peers struggling out of straitjackets, operating on each other and bursting around corners with drills and hatchets. Alex Turner and Mary Clohan, both sophomore University Players, said the idea of creating a student-run haunted house on campus had been passed down from player to player for years. "We have a pretty booked schedule for space and events in the Theatre Department," Turner said, "so it never actually was realized.

Election season prompts memories of 1992 debate

Twenty years ago, on Oct. 15, 1992, X-lot was a maze of satellite trucks, work trailers, generators and media equipment strung together by miles of cable that gathered into a mass the size of a tree trunk and entered the back of the Robins Center gymnasium. Inside, broadcast journalist Carole Simpson was moderating the first town-hall presidential debate between President George H.W.

Lacrosse players silenced in wake of promotion

Editors note: Senior Charlie Hudson spoke with The Collegian before the team was asked to not speak to the media. Yesterday, about three hours before the varsity club lacrosse team had its first practice of the season, Charlie Hudson, a senior player, sat down for an interview about the team's soon-to-be NCAA division I status. "It was definitely exciting," Hudson said, remembering how the team reacted to the announcement.

Boatwright renovations expected to increase traffic to TLC

The summer brought many changes to Boatwright Memorial Library this year, but has anyone checked out the third floor? Just past the entrance to the Media Resource Center, and up the stairwell to the left, students can wind their way to the Technology Learning Center (TLC): a program run by the Center for Teaching and Learning Technology that provides technology resources to faculty and students on campus. Melissa Foster, the TLC computer lab specialist, said construction workers gutted bathrooms, bashed holes through walls, painted and installed windows, making the TLC not only easier on the eyes, but also, she hoped, easier to find.

Olympic fencing team members host Richmond clinic

Four members of the 2012 U.S. Olympic fencing team were at the University of Richmond Saturday to teach a three-weapon clinic for avid fencers. The clinic was hosted by Salle Green, a fencing club in Glen Allen, Va., owned by University of Richmond alumnus Walter Green. Two-time Olympian Tim Morehouse, 34, of N.Y., said reaching out to young fencers had been a priority for him and his teammates. "Following the Olympic Games, we wanted to spread as much knowledge as we could," Morehouse said.

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