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Friday, December 02, 2022

Kelsey Shields

"What Has Roe Done for Us?" event to be held Friday

Spiders for Life, the pro-life student organization at University of Richmond, will be holding their first event coordinated with the Students for Life of America this Friday on the academic quad. The event, "What Has Roe Done for Us?", is the first time this specific event has been brought to campus, Stephanie Zemanek, the president of Spiders for Life, said, although they have worked with the SFLA in the past. Emma Johansson, the incoming president for Spiders for Life, said the event would consist of several 6-foot-tall vinyl posters that "pose a question to the reader, with information to further challenge the question posed." Zemanek said it would be "stastistical information regarding the history of illegal abortion, the Roe v.

WCGA's Bellis Fest attended by hundreds of students

This year's Bellis Fest, held April 4, saw both a turnout of hundreds of University of Richmond students and much better weather than last weekend's Pig Roast. Bellis Fest is the Westhampton College Government Association's annual spring festival.

Richmond serves as site for film

For once, Richmond wasn't the filming location for a Civil War film. Instead, it was the setting for a movie whose visceral topic hit close to home. "Troop 491: Adventures of the Muddy Lions," a two-hour feature-length film, was written and directed by Richmond native Patrick "Praheme" Ricks.

Richmond hosts fourth-annual Stop Hunger Now event

Every night, approximately 842 million people around the world go to bed hungry--and a small, dedicated group of University of Richmond students, faculty and staff hope to alleviate that hunger for at least 20,000 this year while also raising awareness on campus. Since February 2011, Richmond has hosted an annual Stop Hunger Now meal packaging event.

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