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Lochrane Smith

Campus accessibility map to promote inclusiveness

Richmond students are fulfilling the Richmond Promise one step - or curb cut - at a time, thanks to the accessibility map that the Introduction to Geographic Information Systems class created last fall. Accepting the task to increase inclusive diversity, one component of President Edward Ayers' Richmond Promise - the university's Strategic Plan for 2009-2014 - faculty initiated a response to the need for greater handicapped accessibility.

Race and ethnicities major proposed by university faculty

The university faculty is considering whether to develop a race and ethnicities major to increase the University of Richmond's commitment to diversity. That's according to religion professor Jane Geaney, who spoke at this week's Westhampton College Government Association Senate meeting. "We have to increase our commitment to diversity and it has to go beyond just words," Geaney said.

Panel examines McCain, Obama's foreign policy

John McCain and Barack Obama disagree on where America should be fighting the war on terror, but still have similar messages, two former White House advisers said in a panel Thursday. Stephen Yates, who served as the deputy national security adviser under Vice President Dick Cheney, and Derek Mitchell, a Defense Department official during the Clinton administration, discussed how presidential hopefuls McCain and Obama would approach foreign policy if elected in front of about 35 students and community members in Jepson Hall April 3. Terrorism remains the primary concern for all candidates, with McCain believing Iraq is the central focus of the war on terror, Mitchell said. "Obama says to get out of Iraq as carefully as we went in carelessly, and then focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan," Mitchell said. As far as considering Iraq as the current center of the war on terror, candidates are debating and evaluating what has been done so far and what to do now that war has been waged, Yates said. "Is there a war on terrorism?" he asked.

Decreasing Richmond tuition not an option, Schuyler tells WCGA

President Edward Ayers' Chief of Staff Lori Schuyler presented the proposed strategic plan to the newly elected Westhampton College Government Association Wednesday night. "A strategic plan forces you to see how you are going to prioritize your time, how you are going to prioritize your energy, how you are going to prioritize your resources," Schuyler said.

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