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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Maura Bogue

Change vs. acceptance: the wisdom to know the difference

"I'm flying high over Tupelo, Miss., with America's hottest band -- and we're all about to die." Actually, not quite, but I've wanted to start an article like that since the first time I saw "Almost Famous." And with this being my final column, I figured I wouldn't have the unparalleled freedom I have enjoyed on these pages any time soon, if ever.

Meet the Jepsons

My School of Arts and Sciences curriculum has taken me through quite a few buildings and disciplines across campus, but it has never forced me to explore the other two undergraduate schools.

Exceptions to the rule

The most intriguing aspect of the word "minority" is the polar opposite connotations it can assume, depending on its context.


Cheering college pregame. Emo kid in the dark. 50-year-old loner. Horrifying hound exposing himself.

Snow-colored glasses

"Potential editorial material: WHY WOULD THE REC CENTER CLOSE DUE TO WEATHER? What else do they expect students to do when they can't go to class, drink?

Letter: response from a "skinny bitch"

In light of Love Your Body Week at the University of Richmond, National Eating Disorder Awareness Week later this month and personal experience, I feel compelled to respond to Kiara Lee's last column, "Too thin: Read this before you vanish into thin air." I do not aim to attack Lee, since I have no desire to fuel the negativity tainting recent online comments on her, Patrick Coughlin's and Jacki Raithel's articles.

These boots are made for ___?

After a month at home during winter break and an entire grade returned from studying abroad, it felt strange that as I joined the stream of students crossing campus for the first week of class, faces were an afterthought.

Kids say the darndest things - Why not join them?

New semester, new year, new decade. Thanks to the way we divide and package time, we have three fresh starts, which in our culture have the tendency to beckon reflections, resolutions and ruminations. Some may logically argue that these new periods hold no meaning, because the sun rises and sets the same from day to day.

Class shatters stereotypes through dancing in d-hall

The Sociology 306 class orchestrated the University of Richmond's first flash mob late last night at the Heilman Dining Center. The purpose of the flash mob ? a group who assembles suddenly in a public place to perform an action ? was to encourage inclusivity on campus.

Robins Stadium to affect parking, campus events

The new on-campus stadium will require three changes next year to maximize parking during home football games: moving student cars, limiting campus events and using the intramural fields for overflow parking. Students who park in X-lot ? the lot by the Robins Center ? must move their cars to the varsity football practice field, near River Road, for the entire weekends of home games, said John McCulla, director of community relations. No events may occur in the Robins Center on game days.

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