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Monday, April 15, 2024

Mike Padovano

What do these 2009 elections mean?

Last week, voters in several states went out to the polls for a handful of off-year elections. Although most of these elections were at the local level and revealed little about the current political climate, three key races reveal a lot about the current mindset of voters. I am referring to the gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey, both of which were victories for the GOP, and the special election for a long-time Republican house seat, which Democrats won back on election night.

Mr. President, please grow a pair

During the past two weeks, the apparent war between the White House and Fox News has become more than just a minor blip on the political radar, but a major story.

Elections: running for redundancy

Some people might think that it's entirely too soon to begin talking about the 2010 elections. In my opinion, it has become ridiculous that we even bother holding elections anymore. Like clockwork, every other year, we are treated to a tremendous amount of bullshit and lies, and the worst part is that we entertain them as if they were actually going to happen if we cast our votes.

An Obama progress report: I'd rather be waterboarded

Now that it has been nine months since President Obama took office, I hope we can all agree on one thing: The only change he brought with him to the White House was a darker complexion, a funky last name and a new hammer and sickle decoration for the Oval Office. His empty speeches of soaring rhetoric have proven to be just that, and rather than reversing the fiscal irresponsibility of the previous administration, he's made it a lot worse.

Armenian genocide

One week before the German invasion of Poland, Adolf Hitler outlined his official plans in a widely unknown speech.

Tax the fat

The current economic crisis has left dozens of states scrambling to come up with new, innovative ways to balance their budgets.

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