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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Richard Arnett

Hardywood Brewery hosts food trucks and live music

Some come for the beer, others come for the food, and others come to mingle. No matter the reason people choose to come, no one leaves Hardywood Park Craft Brewery's food truck night disappointed. Every Thursday during the warmer months of the year, Hardywood hosts a plethora of food trucks--normally about 10--at their brewery to serve food in the parking lot beginning at 5:30 p.m. Apart from the usual food options like burgers, pizza, and fried foods, there are also trucks that sell Asian infused tacos, ice cream, popsicles, and crepes.

Inclusive LGBTQ community praised at Richmond

Inclusivity has been a major focus at University of Richmond as part of the Richmond Promise. As a result of the hard work of many faculty and students, the university will be honored May 3 with the Catalyst Award for supporting LGBTQ students and creating a more inclusive environment. Presenting the award is ROSMY, a local organization based in Richmond that aims to ensure equal opportunities for LGBQT youth in Virginia. Ted Lewis, associate director of Common Ground for LGBTQ campus life, said, "The only reason 2013 was successful is because of lots of work done by faculty, staff and students for decades here at the University of Richmond." Lewis said the award was honoring the past academic year and the work done in 2013 by the university.

RecycleMania reduces electronic waste at Richmond

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in 2009 an estimated 438 million electronic products were sold in the United States alone -- a two-fold increase since 1997 -- which has led to annual increases in electronic waste.

Students get chance to curl like Olympians

Despite its status as an Olympic sport, many Americans don't know a thing about curling. One group of 20 adventurous Spiders will find out just what it takes to be a curler this week when they take a class with the Curling Club of Virginia at the Richmond Ice Zone at 6 p.m.

Obamas speak about making college more accessible

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama hope that institutions of higher education can step up to help underprivileged youth facing challenges when applying to college, they said during the College Opportunity Summit last Thursday. The Obamas spoke about their hopes of making higher education more accessible through student encouragement and eliminating extra costs. "I know sometimes for those of you in university administrations, the perception may be that $100 application fees is not a big deal," President Obama said.

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