The Collegian
Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Rudy Pett

Fantasy baseball is back

Dragons and 12-sided die characterized the world of old-school fantasy, but a new fantasy realm, where walks, hits, innings pitched and earned run averages determine victory or defeat, has emerged once again. Fantasy baseball, the national pastime of sports enthusiasts and OCD statistical analysts, marked the beginning of another year on Opening Day for Major League Baseball.

Xenia Schneider versus Xavier

Women's tennis moves to first in Atlantic 10

Whether you see one member on the court or eight on the sideline, the University of Richmond women's tennis team stands as one. Senior Ashlee Vosters said that the word "team" had been a big part of the Spiders' mindset this year. "Instead of tennis as an individual sport, focusing on the importance of team and us working together has been really important for this group of tennis players," Vosters said. This focus on being a team helped the Spiders push their regular season record to 12-3 with recent victories against Xavier University on March 20 and East Carolina University on March 24.

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