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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Sawyer Weirman

Images to host Love Your Body Week from March 23-27

Images is bringing Love Your Body Week to Richmond from March 23 to 27, which will include several self-esteem campaign events in the Heilman Dining Hall and the Tyler Haynes Commons and a documentary on America's obsession with appearance. This is the second year Images has done Love Your Body Week, which started as Love Your Body Day in 1998 by National Organization for Women (NOW), said Leigh Ann West, Images president.

Scholar uses Poe's works to portray themes of terror

Edgar Allen Poe's works can be used to illustrate that in this "Age of Terror," terrorism, not terror, is the enemy in the new millennium, said Poe scholar Gerald Kennedy. "It is the act of terrorism that affects the soul of a reader," Kennedy said, "but this only becomes apparent after the horror occurs." Through the Edward C.

Running my first half marathon

MELBOURNE, Australia -- It's 9 a.m., and the sun exposes salt residue on my legs as I peel of my socks, only to reveal two massive blisters on my right foot.

9 Days of Adrenaline

MELBOURNE, Australia -- With the $2.00 of remaining balance I have on my Global Gossip internet card, all I can say is that my Extreme Adventure spring break has been just that, extreme.

The luckless life I lead as a tourist

MELBOURNE, Australia -- Apart from my studious nature and countless pub crawls around Melbourne, I do take the time to be your typical American tourist with the fanny pack and huge camera around my neck.

RGSGA passes $126K budget for campus groups

Richmond College senators passed their budget and $126,986 in allocations for campus organizations on Wednesday night during the last Richmond College Student Government Association meeting of the year in the Whitehurst Living Room. Representatives from each of the 60 campus organizations are required to present their organization's financial request to the Student Organization Budget Allocation Committee every year.

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