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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Tenaj Ferguson

Health & Fitness: Seasonal Gym Intermission

If you're like most people, you have mid-terms or the equivalent this time in the semester, and you're busy with school, extracurriculars, maybe volunteering and yes, papers, exams and other assignments are a priority!

Health and Fitness: Ring Dance, Spring Break

This new month signals a time for evaluation. It's a time to work on areas of weakness in preparation for an enhanced performance and product. In light of a new month, check in on your progress with resolutions or goals you may have for the long term and short term. At this point, before Ring Dance, spring break in the Bahamas and the long summer break, check in with your fitness pursuits.

Midterms & midsections: The lean-cut abs recipe

Midterms signal a time for midway evaluation. It's a time to work on areas of weakness in preparation for an enhanced performance and a better product than before. Like the midterm evaluation, midway through the semester and thus midway through your fitness pursuits, check in with yourself concerning your midsection. Want better abs?

Health & Fitness: Cardio - Get Physical!

CARDIO - GET PHYSICAL! Aerobic exercise or "Cardio," as it's commonly referred to, is when the body engages in physical activity and the heart rate is elevated. Cardio is a core requirement for any workout plan that focuses on good health, weight loss or the achievement of special fitness goals. If you're wondering what the hype is about cardio workouts, you must be educated on this form of exercise. Cardio is important for so many reasons, the top reasons being that it: * Helps to keep the heart strong * Raises metabolism and promotes calorie burn and weight loss * Increases lung capacity (important for endurance) * Reduces stress and releases endorphins to make you feel good! Let's break things down.

Health and Fitness

Instructor: Any fitness professional available to you. Course meetings: Consistently and persistently. For a truly customized workout regimen, create your own major!

Back to basics: Fitness 103

Who said New Year's was the only time for change? The back-to-school season is also a time for new beginnings and is a chance to re-engage academically, or to engage at all for that matter! With countless tips you've acquired from past experiences, little do you know, but you are already equipped and on your way to a personal strategic plan that does more than promise.

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