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Friday, February 03, 2023

Wylie Pennell

Melvin inspires youth, details Atlantis flight

Leland Melvin never really intended to become an astronaut. But 10 years after he was accepted to NASA's astronaut training program, Melvin became the first University of Richmond graduate in space in February. Melvin was on campus this weekend to present his Reach for the Stars II program, which aims to inspire young students to pursue math and science education.

Stadium construction could commence in eight months

The University of Richmond's plans to "move Spider football home" are still being developed as the university awaits approval of a special-use permit from the City of Richmond, but some neighbors are still not sure they're on board with the plans. The university hosted a community meeting about the stadium on April 1 to address the concerns of those that might be affected by the stadium at any point, from temporary construction concerns to long-term concerns about traffic and noise on game days.

In-depth wedding planning part of SCS series

What flowers? What food? Who will sit where? What colors? And most importantly, which of the thousands of dresses will I wear? These are all questions that wedding planners help brides answer every day, and they are only a few of the considerations that feed into the at least $50 billion wedding industry.

Woody Holton honored as finalist for National Book Award

University of Richmond history professor Woody Holton is a finalist for the Nonfiction National Book Award. Holton, who has been a professor at the Richmond since August 2000, spent 12 years writing the book, titled "Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution," but he never imagined it would gain such recognition. According to the National Book Foundation that sponsors this award, it is one given "to writers, from writers." Publishing companies nominate books for the award for one of five categories, which are then voted on by a panel of five judges who have also published works in that category.

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