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Monday, August 08, 2022

Students raise concern over lack of Afghan flag in Commons

The Westhampton College Government Association gathered for its last meeting of the year yesterday to discuss final student events, the induction of new cabinet members and lingering student concerns in the Tyler Haynes Commons.

Carter Quinley, a class of 2011 senator, proposed that the Real World, a student-alumni life experience program, should be changed from a two-day event to a one-day event in subsequent years. A considerable number of students attended the Real World event this year, listening to stories of alumni's transition from Richmond to the "real world" and learning about the myriad of post-graduate opportunities available.

"A one-day event would generate more students at one time as opposed to a spread out attendance over a two-day affair," Quinley said.

After discussing the applicants for new cabinet positions, the women unanimously decided to approve the new cabinet members for the classes of 2009 and 2010.

Ali Amaral, the class of 2011 president, addressed the cookout that will take place on the Westhampton Green at 5:30 p.m. Thursday for the class of 2011. The men will be barbecuing hamburgers and hot dogs that will be served with lemonade for all members of the freshman class.

The members then discussed a few student concerns regarding flags in the commons and the health center's hours. Five students from Afghanistan were upset that the Commons did not display an Afghan flag. The 2011 cabinet addressed this concern and made a proposal to President Edward Ayers.

"President Ayers received an e-mail that requested an Afghan flag be present and he agreed to have one hung in the commons," Amaral said.

Several students were complaining that the health center had inconvenient hours, especially during lunch. The women decided to address the issue next year when there would be more time to resolve it.

The association adjourned with all members snapping their fingers while congratulating each other on a year of success and hard work as well as wishing each other luck on exams and summer vacation.

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