Years ago, when my now 15-year-old sister was still in elementary school, she dressed as Johnny Damon for Halloween. This was when Damon was still playing for the Red Sox and he was her hero. She wore his jersey and a dark wig to hide her blonde hair and painted a beard on her face. She had been planning the costume for months. Her friends were dressed as princesses and fairies and she was dressed as a Major League Baseball player. Now, she wouldn't be caught dead in that outfit, but I would consider it to be one of the greatest sports-themed costumes I've ever seen. Below are a few suggestions for those who plan on scrapping together a costume at the last minute...

1) For the lodge fanatic: Cyclist

This is perfect if you want to wear a quintessential element of the lodge-raging outfit -- your coveted neon spanx -- for Halloween. Those who really want to go the extra mile can also wear a helmet. In addition to making you look like a professional biker, it can protect you from potential falls off the stage.

2) For the recluse: NBA lockout

(So I admit I took this idea from Bleacher Report, but it's pretty good.)

If you want to spend your Halloweekend eating candy corn from the care package your grandmother sent you and watching "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" on ABC Family, this is the costume for you. When your friends ask why they didn't see you out this weekend, simply tell them you were the NBA lockout for Halloween and thus you were required to stay home.

3) For the power couple: Posh and Becks, Khloe and Lamar, Gisele Bunchen and Tom Brady

If you enjoy dressing in couple costumes, why not dress as one of the famous duos mentioned above? Lamar and Tom costumes would require a jersey, Lakers or Patriots respectively. Victoria and Khloe imitators would wear short dresses, heels and oversized sunglasses. And to dress as Gisele or David you would have to rock Victoria's Secret or Armani underwear. (This one isn't for the modest.)

4) If you're more of a Cady Heron than a Regina George: Zombie mascot

If you hear "Halloween" and think of zombies and ghouls, not leotards and bunny ears, what could be more creative and spooky than a walking dead mascot. The football team plays the Massachusetts Minutemen on Saturday. Would it be considered unpatriotic to dress as a bloodied Revolutionary War soldier after we beat them? Maybe it would be better to dress as WebstUR instead. But then you'll have eight obnoxious arms that people will bump into all night.

5) For the host/hostess: Referee

If you're planning on hosting a party this weekend, donning a ref costume fits in with your role as the rule regulator, especially if things get out of control. Hang a whistle around your neck and blow it loudly to command attention. To be even more irritating, carry yellow and red cards in your pocket and shout things like "misconduct!" Everyone is sure to love you by the end of the night.