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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Faculty & Staff


Seven professors presented with Distinguished Educator Awards

Seven faculty members received the Distinguished Educator Award on Aug. 22 at Colloquy, an annual celebratory event during which faculty and staff gather to mark the official beginning of the academic year, said Steve Allred, provost and vice president for academic affairs. The professors who received the awards were Bertram Ashe, English and American studies; Henry Chambers Jr., law; Dean Croushore, economics; Jennifer Erkulwater, political science, Lidia Radi, Italian and French, Patricia Strait, human resource management and Thad Williamson, leadership studies. After President Ayers delivered an address, Allred presented the awards to each recipient, along with a few comments that had been prepared by a faculty selection committee, Allred said. Each year, the committee members are responsible for choosing recipients to be honored at the succeeding year's ceremony.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty speak on business professionalism

Faculty members in the Robins School of Business held a panel on Feb. 23 to share their perspectives on the importance of professionalism with students. "A professional is someone who is willing to go the extra steps to ensure that their work is consistently high in its quality," Nancy Bagranoff, dean of the Robins School of Business said. Jonathan Whitaker, assistant professor of management, said he knew just how competitive the business world could be. "Getting a high GPA and knowing how to wear a suit isn't good enough anymore," he said.