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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Kiara Lee

Party like it's 1850

Confederate flags EVERYWHERE. "The South will rise again" stickers and banners all over the place.

Invasion of privacy: "And then, Grandma added me on Facebook"

So, you're on Facebook and you check your News Feed: Your best friend "had the BEST night everrrr & hearts," your roommate "is now friends with Barack Obama," and your lab partner "just became a fan of Macaroni and Cheese" - you know, nothing out of the ordinary. Then, you check your friend requests, and you are stunned to see your grandma's beautiful face on the computer screen.

Lifestyles of the criminal and famous

Lil' Wayne, Chris Brown and a host of other celebrities have recently been in trouble with the law. Oftentimes democracy plays a minor role in A-list crime, because a celebrity's punishment is not always proportionate to the crime committed.

Friends: How many of us have them?

The word "friend" is used so casually in our society. Let's face it, you tend to call just about everyone a friend, whether it's the girl who lives on your hall who has only spoken to you twice this entire year, or the guy who you've known since kindergarten who knows more about you than your own parents. Do all of the people you deem friends deserve such a title?

Too thin: Read this before you vanish into thin air

Do you have a friend who constantly complains about weight, but this friend is one of the skinniest people you know? Does this friend eat something like three pieces of lettuce with half of a piece of chicken, and call it dinner? Well here's a reality check for Skin-and-Bones, I mean, your friend: You are NOT overweight!

Where is the love? Time to help Haiti

Last week, a tragedy occurred in the Caribbean. The devastating earthquake that hit the island of Haiti has killed hundreds of thousands, and the death toll is increasing each day.

He said, she said: gossip gets you nowhere

Let's say one of your acquaintances sees you walking across campus very late one night with a friend you had been working on a group project with, but your friend happens to be of the opposite sex.

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