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Monday, April 15, 2024

Markie Martin

George Allen speaks in Queally Hall Tuesday

George Allen, the former governor of Virginia who is running for U.S. Senate, visited the University of Richmond and told students he would be "like a dog on a bone" to make his campaign plans a reality for building a brighter American future. Allen addressed approximately 100 people in his black leather cowboy boots for a joint meeting of the Richmond City GOP, the University of Richmond College Republicans and the Greater Richmond Young Republicans. Allen said he was inspired by the cohesiveness of the three hosting organizations, and that it was "great to see young people interested in government who are involved and care about the future of the country." Economic issues, energy resourcing and Medicaid were three of the most important topics of Allen's discussion.

What's Up In The Web: 11/21/11

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Jepson leader involved in Tillman case

This year's leader-in-residence for the Jepson School of Leadership Studies is a U.S. Army general who was reprimanded for her role in misleading the public about the death of Pat Tillman, a former all-pro defensive back for the Arizona Cardinals turned Army Ranger, who was killed by his own platoon in Afghanistan in 2004. Sandra Peart, dean of the leadership school, said she had consulted with colleagues at Jepson and the university to choose Maj.

Men's basketball player designs line of clothing

Jonathan Benjamin, a junior point guard for the Spider basketball team, has spent his fall semester balancing schoolwork, a varsity sport and Official Visit ActiveWear, the clothing line he started during the summer of 2011. Benjamin said he had always wanted to start a creative clothing line for athletes since "generic gray sweatpants" usually characterized their wardrobes. "A lot of us like to get dressed up," he said.

What's Up In The Web: 10/31/11

A new video podcast will be uploaded each Monday morning and will feature campus events, sports, weather and community events. Contact reporters Kylie McKenna or Markie Martin at, or

Lodged in Translation

1. Thou shalt not wear lodge shoes anywhere but the lodge. Not only would it be completely unacceptable to do so, but it would also make you look like the Bird Lady from "Home Alone 2." You are dreaming if you think a good pair of shoes would still look trendy after dunking them in lodge sludge. Lodge shoes should be chosen based off of three factors: comfort, price and durability.

Proclamation Night unites WC students

Proclamation Night, Westhampton College's oldest tradition, is a ceremony that marks the beginning and end of the college journey for freshman and senior women. May Keller, Westhampton's first dean, introduced the ceremony to the college in 1915 as a way to mark the importance of women's leadership, relationships and the honor code.

The Night In Its Togality

The ancient Greek gods could not be more proud of our Richmond seniors-- last Thursday, we somehow managed to pull off an exact reenactment of a toga party in 1450 B.C.

Library implements three new study zones

The University of Richmond's Boatwright Memorial Library staff spent the summer developing a three-zone study system to control noise levels and assist students in using the library to its full potential. In a survey conducted at the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year titled "Where We Stand (and Sit)," more than 600 students participated and approximately 200 submitted comments. The majority of these comments were complaints about the library's noise levels and the lack of study areas for students to choose from.

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