The Collegian
Thursday, February 22, 2024

Timothy Patterson

Thoughts from a conservative

I don't have any inseparable allegiance to any political party, but I am a conservative. I believe in limited government, personal responsibility, and capitalism.

Socialism isn't patriotic, Mr. Biden

This morning on ABC's "Good Morning America," Sen. Joe Biden confidently asserted that the wealthiest Americans need to pay more taxes, and not only that, but that doing so is PATRIOTIC. They already shoulder a significant portion of the nation's tax burden, yet Obama and company are demanding more.

Palin silences critics with stunning RNC speech

Last night Sarah Palin smashed through a glass ceiling, officially becoming the first woman to occupy a spot on a Republican Presidential ticket. Despite recent criticism, she effectively and pointedly made the case against Obama while highlighting her executive experience as Alaska's governor and down-to-earth, small town roots.

Bristol Palin -- Not an Issue

It seems like 17-year-old Bristol and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin have suffered more media scrutiny in the past few days than Barack Obama has dealt with for his entire campaign.

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