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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Campus Life

Led by Jackie Pfamatter (headset/mic), students and faculty burn carbs and dance to salsa music Zumba on Tuesday Sept 23rd at 12:00pm in the Fitness Center.

Staff members motivated by weight-loss contest

For six seasons, Americans have tuned in to NBC's reality show "The Biggest Loser," a weight-loss competition whose winner receives $250,000. The show's sixth season, which is currently airing, documents the struggles and sweat of eight teams, each made up of two family members. But, when the new season began airing on Sept.


A Day in the Life: A Pier Cashier

"Who's next?" she calls as you step up to the plate. "I'll have the turkey sandwich with BBQ Baked Lays, two strawberry yogurts, a veggie tray, a large Powerade and an oatmeal cup," you say as she punches the color-coded buttons, the balance rises, the Spidercard is swiped (twice) with a "How you doin' today?" punctuated by the one-handed wave of a paper bag, and before you can answer, she's off... "Did she get all that?" you wonder as you watch her glide through the aluminum galley.

Aisan Beat Practice Wednesday @ 9:30 in Booker 101
From left to right: Sandhya Talluri '11, Serena Ding '11, (legs/jeans) Mike Meksouphy VCU '10, (front) Hilbert Billones '09, (seated) Putt Virasathienpornkul '12, (brown shirt) Sunny Mui '11, Lori Smith '09, (blue shirt) Huan Duong '11, (red pants) Mariya Sota '09, Jackie Lee '09, (pink) Claire Ligon '10.

Students form dance group to celebrate Asian hip-hop music

By Kate Foss Collegian Reporter Dance groups are often formed to showcase a certain style of dance, but at the University of Richmond, a dance group was created to showcase a certain type of music. Asian Beat, a dance group on campus, was started by senior Jackie Lee and three of her friends in the spring of 2007. "The purpose of the group is to promote Asian hip-hop and pop artists," Lee said, "as well as Asian artists here in the states." Lee, who is of Korean descent, was born in the United States but attended elementary school in Korea.


University enforces safe driving with checkpoints

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine announced a statewide crackdown on drunken driving last week, and University of Richmond police officers have made two DUI arrests already this semester. The announcement came after national statistics showed that Virginia was one of 16 states to have an increase in DUI-related fatalities in 2007.


Strategic plan implementation is 'moving pretty fast'

As he enters his second year as Richmond's president, Edward Ayers is ready to begin planning for the university's future. Accordingly, after "thousands" of meetings with members of the university community, Ayers intends to finalize his strategic plan during the first months of the school year, and to have a concrete plan on file by January.


Princeton Review gives university mixed ratings

The University of Richmond has landed on the Princeton Review's 2009 list of schools with homogeneous populations and little race or class interaction, but made the cut for most beautiful campus and best classroom experience, leading university officials to question the study's survey methodology. Of the 368 colleges the Review selected to participate in its annual survey, released Tuesday, Richmond ranked eighth for homogeneous population, seventh for little race class interaction, eighth for most beautiful campus, and 20th for best classroom experience. The survey results come at a time when the university and President Edward Ayers have put renewed focus on diversity after the simulated lynching in spring of a black doll in the Cousins Studio Theater, an incident that some students said showed the school's lack of racial tolerance.


WAHHHHH! Students should take a hint and lighten up

By Michael Lembo Richmond College '08 "Don't worry about it, these kids take everything too seriously." --Rory Golod It's about time someone addressed the student body at the University of Richmond. This may seem obnoxious, but hey, I am a senior and you won't have to deal with me ever again.


Diversifying Diversity

First and foremost, I am not writing this article to in any way lessen or demean the plethora of negative feelings that have resulted from the Cousins incident.


When time takes its toll

I had the strangest experience the other day. While I was stretching in the gazebo, a lonely duck paddled through the inactive lake.


No oncampus smoking ban, for now

More colleges are implementing campus-wide smoking restrictions across the country, with many becoming smoke-free entirely. But because there has not been any strong desire expressed by students and faculty to make the University of Richmond campus smoke-free, university administrators said no one should count on the school being added to the list of smoke-free schools anytime soon. According to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, more than 70 colleges and universities across the country have implemented smoke-free policies for their campuses as of Oct.


Envisioning my return

This Homecoming Weekend promises to be as strange as it will be memorable, because those who were my peers just a few months ago will be returning to campus as members of that distant and ever-growing faction that is "alumni." And sadly, if all goes according to plan, I will reluctantly be initiated into that same group about six months from now.