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RC or WC: Who gets the better deal?

An anonymous University of Richmond student -- who could have been either male or female -- started a posting thread on College ACB with a description of tasks that men pledging a campus fraternity were required to do before being initiated.


University to hold transportation forum Monday

The university will host a transportation forum 10:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m Monday outside Boatwright Memorial Library showcasing new transportation options available to students beginning this semester. Representatives from ZipCar, Groome Transportation and To The Bottom and Back will be in attendance.


Spider in the Kitchen hosts cooking event

On October 5, Spider in the Kitchen, the university's food club on campus that focuses on an exchange of recipes, entertaining and cooking ideas among campus foodies, will host its second event this semester, with a "Soups and Stews" theme. Attendees can sample a menu of tomato bisque, Portuguese sausage and onion stew, Cajun-style gumbo, turkey chili, sandwiches, pumpkin cookies and chocolate bread pudding, put together by Glenn Pruden, the university's executive chef and Cynthia Stearns, assistant director of marketing and special programs, who have worked together for 33 years. Stearns and other dining hall employees, who provide a wealth of resources, founded Spider in the Kitchen in February 2008.


Students "spill" troubles in anonymous online forum

A new website that allows students to rant confidentially and receive feedback about college-related problems will soon connect Richmond students with peers who have been in their shoes. Senior Katie Wilcox is trying to bring (Supporting Peers in Laid-back Listening) to Richmond.


Video: UR Games hosts Live Action Role Play

Students from UR Games gathered in the Lower Forum April 14 to participate in a Live Action Role Play. Live Action Role Play from Jordan Trippeer on Vimeo. Contact videographer Jordan Trippeer at, videographer Brittany Taylor at and videographer Jon Ojanguren at


Afroman to perform at Pig Roast

After meeting with members of the University of Richmond administration Thursday afternoon, the Campus Activities Board has confirmed that Afroman will still perform at Pig Roast on March 27. CAB members decided they would not cancel the Afroman appearance despite recent concerns from University of Richmond community members that the rapper was inappropriate. "We think the benefits outweigh the potential negative outcomes," said Josh Huffines, who was president of CAB when it booked Afroman.


Voice of reason: a guide to campus laundry room etiquette

Ever set your clean clothes in a glob of glue-like detergent that's been lying in wait on top of the washing machine? Ever cruised into the laundry room one minute after a cycle finished and stood in the doorway while awkwardly debating with yourself whether to claim your clothes as someone else impatiently removes them for you, or come back later once they've left? Ever been a little sketched out about the self-propagating piles of clothes that live in laundry room corners? Here are some tips for cleaning the hostile laundry-room air while we clean our clothes. No.


Letter: A livable campus environment

When will this school learn how to allow a livable campus environment? Most likely not during my time here, but I hope during the interim, someone who makes decisions will weigh a few varied and serious concerns. 1.


Class shatters stereotypes through dancing in d-hall

The Sociology 306 class orchestrated the University of Richmond's first flash mob late last night at the Heilman Dining Center. The purpose of the flash mob ? a group who assembles suddenly in a public place to perform an action ? was to encourage inclusivity on campus.


Rapper Afroman to perform on campus during Pig Roast

Last spring, Guster played a concert in the Robins Center. This spring, the big-name artist of the season will be a little more unusual. The Campus Activities Board has booked rapper Afroman to perform during Pig Roast on March 27, 2010. "We wanted to do Afroman because he really fits the party atmosphere of Pig Roast," said Josh Huffines, the president of CAB.