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Monday, November 29, 2021


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URPD Responds

UR Police Chief David McCoy will shed light on the policies and programs of the university police as part of a new column in The Collegian.


Four Things That Off-Campus Does Better

Who went to the Richmond Street Art Festival? Wasn't that so cool? On the days that the Street Art Festival was going on, I couldn't look at social media without seeing a flood of pictures of UR students standing in front of those murals, smiling proudly at discovering this fun, alternative part of the city.


Is 'Blurred Lines' sexist? Yes, but it's also genius

Just as we thought Robin Thicke and his arguably misogynistic product slipped into the past along with the rest of this summer's guilty pleasures, the universities of Edinburgh and Leeds, UK, have dragged him back into the spotlight by banning his song "Blurred Lines" in affiliated nightclubs. No doubt, keyboard feminists are deeming this another chink in his garishly sexist armour, but how wrong they are.


On Being Queer at Richmond

A few weeks ago, I ventured into a space I would normally avoid: a fraternity apartment party. Notoriously hyper- and hetero- sexualized, this bedrock of the college party scene is a place in which, as a queer woman, I generally feel uncomfortable. But hey, lesbians like to drink and dance too -- and sometimes a frat party is the best place to do that. It was a great time.


'You are not missing out': Why iOS7 isn't worth it

They say change is good. But when it comes to Apple's new iOS7 update, the change doesn't seem so good after all. I am a complete lover of all Apple products and own many, but I just cannot seem to understand the hype surrounding the new software system. Before I go on to criticize the system and the people who obsessed over it, I will say that I did, in fact, download it.


The Spider Way: In Print

The following is an interview with Samantha Bonom, '99, a senior content producer for Y&R, a marketing and communications company based in New York City. What did you study at University of Richmond and what were your post-graduation plans? I studied marketing with a specific interest in advertising.


The Orientation Agenda

I don't think that there was anything I could have done to prepare myself for University of Richmond orientation. Hearing the campus police chief, a law enforcement officer, talk about how he knows that we will all drink (underage) but that the campus police were there to keep us safe really made me feel like I was in the "cool" parents' house in some disturbing new MTV show.


'Lives Depend on This': We must reform America's drug laws

Shelley Goldsmith was an exceptionally normal college kid. An honors student with a full merit scholarship to nearby University of Virginia, she spent her time volunteering, hiking, sailing, playing tennis and hanging with her friends and Alpha Phi sisters. How I know so much about Shelley is because this exceptional woman did something completely normal for any college student: She made a bad choice.


Relativism is Incoherent

"You do you, and I'll do me." This is a phrase that has become increasingly popular in today's increasingly "tolerant" culture.


Ten Things to Get Hyped about for Fall at Richmond

Sometimes it can be a little bit of a downer to return to school after a long, hot four months of working at that same summer job you've had since high school, traveling, name-dropping your fancy summer internship, spending time catching up with old friends and family, or whatever other activity you were engaged in that didn't involve homework or cafeteria food (sorry D-Hall, you're really tasty and DARN do you know how to make a panini, but you're still a cafeteria). Sure, it's exciting to see everyone's new haircut and set up your room.