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Friday, May 24, 2024

Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Podcasts increasingly used by faculty

An increasing number of faculty and staff members at the University of Richmond are using podcasts and other forms of technology to supplement typical teaching settings. Fred Hagemeister, coordinator for academic technology services in the UR Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology, said the CTLT liaisons work with faculty and staff each semester in workshops to teach about podcasts. Hagemeister said that although podcasts have typically been a way for professors to give students access to course information or lectures outside the classroom, the small-class setting at Richmond has led to the development of more interactive uses of podcasts and other technologies. Scott Bray, director of technology for the education department, assists education minors with learning to create podcasts for their student teaching classrooms. "We look at different ways students can integrate technology into the classroom," he said. Bray also said he thought the Technology Learning Center and related departments had provided a variety of opportunities to faculty for professional development around podcasting. Senior Emma Hines, an education minor, created a podcast in her Education through Technology class with Bray. "We were required to create a podcast that could be used in an elementary classroom lesson," Hines said.


Film Studies major introduced

This year, for the first time, students at the University of Richmond have the option to major in film studies. The major's requirements include six electives and three mandatory courses: Introduction to Film Studies, Film Theory and a research seminar. Although this is the major's first semester, it is something that has been in the works for a number of years, said Abigail Cheever, associate professor of English. Cheever, who began teaching at Richmond in 2001, said: "From the day I started at UR, students have always asked me if they could major in film studies.


Myers-Briggs: helping relationships

I think it's safe to say that you can't classify a person in just a few words. But I also think it's safe to say that there are definitely "types" of people. For my second and final Wellness class at the University of Richmond (thank God) I am taking a course on relationships.

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D-hall staff addresses waste

For first-year and transfer students, Sept. 10 marked the first run-in with Trayless Fridays at the Heilman Dining Center. Confusion set in as they approached the islands that normally hold trays.


Who, what, when, where & how are you? Racial identity issues at UR

I have a friend on this campus ... Who was told by an on-campus psychiatrist that she was an irresponsible [black] woman because she had gone to the hospital. Who was told she wouldn't be able to deal with UR's workload because she was Latina. Who was asked by a staff member why she didn't get to know more of the black men on campus, upon hearing that she was in a relationship with an Asian guy. Who was in a dining situation and a comment was made to the group about the lack of diversity on the sides of the tables.

Faculty & Staff

Senior studio art majors to present their work

Seven senior studio art majors will exhibit works across a variety of media at "Feed Me Art," the 2010 senior thesis exhibition, from April 16 to May 9. The exhibition, which will take place at the Joel and Lila Harnett Museum of Art on campus and at Russell/Projects Annex at the Plant Zero complex in downtown Richmond, features photography, a graphic novel, painting, installation, printmaking and digital videos. "This capstone experience for the seniors shows the range of ways of making art," Richard Waller, executive director of University Museums, said.


Letter: Richmond, We Have a Problem: Victoria Cobb

At the recent forum to discuss the concern over Victoria Cobb receiving the award from Jepson, a fellow student said something to the effect of, "These comments come from the students' sadness; we don't feel safe here." This got me thinking that I really don't feel safe here.

Faculty & Staff

Jepson faculty host forum to discuss alumni award

Faculty members from the Jepson School of Leadership Studies convened a forum Monday night to discuss the controversy surrounding an award given to alumna Victoria Cobb, president of The Family Foundation of Virginia. The forum was moderated by Douglas Hicks, professor of leadership and religion, and Gill Hickman, professor of leadership studies.

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Daughter inspires father to be active in community

Although many University of Richmond students pass Jerry Clemmer, the general manager of dining services, several times a day, few are aware of an inspirational battle that changed his life. Five years ago, while sitting in a hospital room with his wife, Deleker, Clemmer received news he would never forget: his oldest daughter, Hannah, had a 5 percent chance of survival. On Hannah's eighth birthday, her disease was officially diagnosed as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Interim Dean Robert M. Schmidt, taking a break after a meeting.
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BusinessWeek ranks Robins School 15th in nation

BusinessWeek ranked the E. Claiborne Robins School of Business at No. 15 among American undergraduate business programs. The school has maintained a position inside the Top-25 undergraduate rankings since BusinessWeek began publishing the list in 2006. The rankings came as school officials continue the search process for a new dean.