The Collegian
Wednesday, September 27, 2023



Voice of reason: a guide to campus laundry room etiquette

Ever set your clean clothes in a glob of glue-like detergent that's been lying in wait on top of the washing machine? Ever cruised into the laundry room one minute after a cycle finished and stood in the doorway while awkwardly debating with yourself whether to claim your clothes as someone else impatiently removes them for you, or come back later once they've left? Ever been a little sketched out about the self-propagating piles of clothes that live in laundry room corners? Here are some tips for cleaning the hostile laundry-room air while we clean our clothes. No.


Lifestyles of the criminal and famous

Lil' Wayne, Chris Brown and a host of other celebrities have recently been in trouble with the law. Oftentimes democracy plays a minor role in A-list crime, because a celebrity's punishment is not always proportionate to the crime committed.


Friends: How many of us have them?

The word "friend" is used so casually in our society. Let's face it, you tend to call just about everyone a friend, whether it's the girl who lives on your hall who has only spoken to you twice this entire year, or the guy who you've known since kindergarten who knows more about you than your own parents. Do all of the people you deem friends deserve such a title?


Someone tap the keg. I'll pump.

It's that time of year ? time to offer up some more green solutions for the University of Richmond's campus! From the school that brought you such startlingly popular and successful programs as Trayless Fridays and the Green Bike Program comes a new solution to help save the environment.


Following the leader

Imagine this "icebreaker" game: Participants sit in a circle of chairs, and when a characteristic that you possess is shouted, you run to another chair.


Dear Younger Me...

To be trendy, my column this week is going to be the letter I would have written to myself had I gone to Proclamation Night when I was a first year, but with a little twist.