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Friday, January 22, 2021


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Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Speech director has her roots in the White House

Linda Hobgood has the kind of attitude about work that most people can only dream about. As the director of the Speech Center in the rhetoric and communication studies department at the University of Richmond, she wakes up every morning and can't wait to get to work and start her day. "I had the chance to do what I had been trained for," she said.

Dr. Leo, a chemistry professor who recently received a research grant from the National Science Foundation, studies pictures of nanoshells with juniors Morgan Vargo, left, and Callie Dowdy.
Faculty & Staff

Chemistry professor receives national science grant

Michael Leopold, associate professor of chemistry, received an annual grant of $85,000 for three years, a total of $255,000, from the National Science Foundation to continue his research on the interactions between proteins and synthetic nanomaterials. Only three other University of Richmond professors received NSF grants during the past year, and only 79 grants have been given to Richmond professors since June 1, 1975, according to the NSF Web site. The grant money will go toward the cost of supplies, travel expenses to present findings at the American Chemical Society meetings - including a national meeting in Washington Aug.

Faculty & Staff

YWCA names professor woman of the year

A crucial career moment for University of Richmond law professor Adrienne Volenik came not from a triumphant trial, but from an early loss. As a student at the University of Maryland, working in a law clinic similar to the one she now directs at Richmond -- UR Downtown's Family Law Clinic -- Volenik and a teammate represented a young man who had been charged with a serious delinquency.

Faculty & Staff

"Last lecture" program intended to inspire students

One University of Richmond professor will give a lecture about what he or she would want to tell his or her students if it were his or her last lecture. The professor will be chosen out of nominations from the Richmond student body, and will speak at the Jepson Alumni Center April 7. Senior Erin Fields, biology major, said she created the program at Richmond with the help of Juliette Landphair, Dean of Westhampton College, and two other Westhampton students, Adrian Bitton and Sarah Latimer.

Faculty & Staff

Some faculty and staff assume the role of student, too

Robert Plymale -- or Computer Bob as he's known in facilities -- began working at the University of Richmond in maintenance and landscaping in June 1988 and started taking classes that fall. Fifteen years later, he completed his bachelor's degree in information systems with a minor in business through the university's School of Continuing Studies.


A Mad-Lib Opinion Column

In addition to making the prerequisite series of fart jokes in my opinion column each week, part of my job as your assistant opinion editor is to motivate you students to write in with your own thoughts, rants, points of view, secret teacher crushes, etc. There are two ways to do this.


Obama or God?

By Angelo DiBello Richmond College '09 Over the last two weeks I, like many, have found myself reading as many articles as I can about the President-elect Barack Obama.


Richmond students are not classy

It's true that the recent frat e-mail was disgustingly prejudiced. But more to the point, the images that were so bluntly described are not that far from the true social life of a typical Richmond student. Here's the REAL problem: The university cannot figure out how to clean up after its students.


Haunted Richmond

Read about the spooky spots in Richmond! Church Hill Tunnel - In 1925 The Church Hill Train Tunnel was reopened after being closed because of deaths in 1877.


Magnolia's bistro comes to Village

Magnolia's, a new wine bar and bistro opening soon in the Village Shopping Center, will provide an atmosphere for people to learn about wine while enjoying good, simple food. The new 45-to-60-seat bistro is the sister restaurant to Village Fine Wine and Cigar.


The "Lion of Zimbabwe" comes to Modlin Center

Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited play Chimurenga music, a musical style that was born out of the struggle to gain independence faced by the people of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Mapfumo founded and popularized the musical style, which he performs with the Blacks Unlimited. Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited are coming to Camp Concert Hall in the Modlin Center at 7:30 p.m.


What the future holds, from the CDC

YOUR FOUR-YEAR COLLEGE PLAN Year One: Adjust to College Life * Learn all you can about UR and the Richmond community * Make connections with faculty, staff and fellow students and get involved on campus * Take a variety of classes and keep an open mind about your major * Meet with a CDC adviser to explore your interests Year Two: Pick a Major * Use CDC self-assessment tools to learn about your interests, abilities and values * Prepare a resume to begin the search for a summer job, internship or learning experience Year Three: Translate Experiences into Career Goals * Choose three to five interests and relate them to career goals * Make connections with professionals in fields that interest you and gain experience through jobs, internships or learning experiences * Explore graduate or professional school options; take entrance exams * Utilize CDC resources on resumes, interviewing and graduate school preparation Year Four: Implement your Goals * Organize a self-directed job search plan * Refine your resume and do a mock interview in the CDC * Finish graduate or professional school applications, if you have chosen to go CDC Events: Sept.


How can we learn from the hanging doll?

Part of me understands the desire to catch and punish the person or persons who hanged the black doll in Cousins Studio Theater in early March. This act, no matter what its intent or motivation, violated our community's sense of propriety and its long-held, if sometimes unattained ideal of mutual respect.


For new president, first task is finding university's identity

As Edward Ayers begins his second full month as president of the University of Richmond and his first week with students, he finds himself probing for answers about the university's identity -- answers he has yet to find. "My job this year, with as much honesty as I can, is to figure out what the University of Richmond is so I can help it fulfill itself," Ayers said. Ayers, the former dean of arts and sciences at the University of Virginia, said his background as a historian is serving him strongly as he works through the early months of his presidency. He is meticulously moving through the campus and among its community members, meeting with groups of students and faculty and doing whatever he can to sense a common pulse in a community that largely fails to fall into the rigid mold of a liberal arts university. "It's very clear that nobody else is built like we are.