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Tuesday, November 30, 2021


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Students get head start on careers with 'Roadmap'

More than 1,000 Spiders swarmed onto campus early this school year, and more than 100 of them were first- and second-year students eager to get an early start on their college careers through the university's Roadmap to Success program. The program, which started last fall, seeks to teach students how to get more out of their college experiences, both academically and socially.


Time to consider reprioritizing

"It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society." - J. Krishnamurti It's true what that "gamer-guy-who-has-more-video-games-than-friends" quote says: Sometimes the end gets you thinking about the beginning. If I consider the beginnings of this semester, every class, every return to Richmond after breaks at home, has functioned as a sort of nail.


Students map out wheelchair accessability

University of Richmond students participated in Campus Accessibility Day Wednesday and encouraged others to see the difficulties faced by people who use wheelchairs on campus. The students, who are in professor Kim Klinker's class on "Introduction to Geographic Information Systems," have been finishing an accessibility map of campus that was started during the fall.



This is in response to the article about the on-campus parking and the kiddies who were brilliant enough to reach $1,000 in fines.


A weekend at U of R

I spent most of my Saturday night walking around campus. I don't know exactly what I expected to see on my stroll, but I unfortunately didn't catch any goose murderers or spot any alumni rekindling old flames in the bushes.


April Fool's Day

What is one of the greatest, and most overlooked, aspects of college life? Pranks. College was made for pranks.


America's Best Dance (Opinion) Crew

Regardless of whether you know who Stephen Sondheim is (don't feel bad, I didn't either until covering his campus visit), the Father of Broadway's words should still strike a chord: The only things worth doing are the ones that scare you. When I learned I'd be home for my brother's concert last month, my chance to heed Sondheim's advice glittered like the black, sequined top of lead singer Jenny Lewis (former "Troop Beverly Hills" child star) at Rilo Kiley's Philadelphia show last summer. Hers was a performance that a) considering the homosexuality-on-campus dialogue that has dominated the opinion section this semester, could beckon enemy lines closer as Lewis could seduce you regardless of where you've set up camp along the sexuality spectrum and b) made me itch to be on stage. Entonces, I informed my brother that, if need be, I was perfectly willing to lend my vocals for a song or two.


Life in slow motion

It's safe to say that I hated this school one year ago. For lots of reasons, I also hated the insecurity I felt within myself. There is nothing like being in a city, state or nation where you don't know a single person.


How to find happiness

As of late, the opinion section of The Collegian just hasn't been doing it for me. Most of the articles are pretty negative, dealing with who should do what and why life is miserable in some way.


A column with no point

People take themselves too seriously sometimes. Everything's so important, so crucial, so consequential. But with Spring Break mere hours away at this point, I'd like to drop all those pretensions of seriousness and just give you some recreational reading to get you excited before school breaks.


In winter weather, students venture out for sledding, snowball fights

Corrections Appended When Sadia Gado Alzouma invited her friend to visit Richmond this weekend, she intended to show her a stunning campus set against the backdrop of a warm spring-like day. Instead, Alzouma, an international student from Niger, saw her first snow and took photos of a campus draped in white. Amid blustery winds, cracking tree limbs and flickering lights, dozens of Richmond students relished in a rare snowfall Sunday night. Seizing makeshift sleds -- trash bags, dining hall trays, and Tupperware container covers, among them -- throngs of rowdy students swarmed the hills in front of Boatwright Library and behind the Modlin Center, throwing snowballs and sliding down mountains of white, wet powder.


Anonymous humor and gossip Web sites gain popularity

The recent demise of has brought increased attention to other community-driven Web sites - such as and - where people can anonymously post about hookups, embarrassing incidents, relational mishaps and more. Unlike JuicyCampus, both FMyLife and KissAndDish are open to more than just the college population. FMyLife provides a venue for users to post short, one- to two-sentence anecdotes about something bad that happened to them that day.